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Warrior Dash Michigan

spartacus sipio December 20, 2009 0

Some cool Obstacle Course Races images: Warrior Dash Michigan Image by I Run Flint | Ryan Litwiller Warrior Dash Michigan race pictures taken on Sunday, July 31, 2011. Pictures can be used for personal use. Warrior Dash Michigan Image by I Run Flint | Ryan Litwiller Warrior Dash Michigan race pictures taken on […]

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Q&A: Is this a good 5k time for a 12 yr old girl?

spartacus sipio December 18, 2009 1

by Paul-W Question by Jordan: Is this a good 5k time for a 12 yr old girl? I ran a 20:54 in the “Great Race” in Pittsburgh. What are other girls my age running? Best answer: Answer by PollyYes, that is a good time Add your own answer in the comments!

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Revolution Laboratories Gives Back to the Community at the Del Mar Mud Run

spartacus sipio December 15, 2009 0

Del Mar, CA (PRWEB) October 09, 2012 Revolution Laboratories (RevLabs) sponsored a team of four candidates for this past weekends 2012 annual Del Mar Mud Run. This race is in it?s third year, and this year proceeds went to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. RevLabs is an upcoming leader in the health nutrition field. President Terry […]

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Nice Student Book Store photos

spartacus sipio December 14, 2009 2

Check out these Student Book Store images: State College bar signs Image by wfyurasko I blogged about these signs State College bar signs now available at Student Book Store Stud(ent) Book (Store) Image by taestell They need to replace some lights. The Corner! Image by takgoti Awww. I remember stumbling down this place quite a […]

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Camp Pendleton Mud Run 2010 – The Music Video – High Def

spartacus sipio December 13, 2009 7

A 4-minute Music Video filmed in high definition. What an experience! The college group at Morningstar Christian Chapel in Whittier entered two teams in the 2010 World Famous Mud Run at Camp Pendleton Marine Base near Oceanside California. Over 5000 runners ran in one giant heat on June 12. Individual runners started 20 minutes ahead […]

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Relay race, Akademgorodok

spartacus sipio December 12, 2009 3

A few nice Relay Races images I found: Relay race, Akademgorodok Image by ressaure Эстафета в Академгородке – 28 апреля, проспект Коптюга There was a relay race in one of the streets here on the 28th; I was walking by and realized I had my birding lens with me took a few shots. Relay Race […]

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Gym Jones Approved

spartacus sipio December 10, 2009 0

Some cool Gym Jones images: Gym Jones Approved Image by Hendrixson

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Property Tax Appeals – Property Tax Reduction

spartacus sipio December 9, 2009 0

Property Tax Appeals – Property Tax Reduction Engage In A Property Tax Appeal? Lower Your Property Tax Once And It Continues For Years. Consumer Reports Report 40% Of The Population Is Over-assessed! Some Say Higher. Step-by-step Specifics, Percentages And Numbers To Use Maximize The Win! Property Tax Appeals – Property Tax Reduction Adventures Into The […]

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Eco Challenge Adventure Race

spartacus sipio December 7, 2009 9

A video highlighting the Eco Challenge race and it’s different locations set to music. Video Rating: 4 / 5 This is a short promotional video for Mid-America Xtreme Adventure Racing, highlighting some of thier international events.

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