Q&A: What can happen to me for a “racing” ticket in florida?

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Question by daniel l: What can happen to me for a “racing” ticket in florida?
I recently got pulled over for “racing” on the road. What it really was was my friend trying to get next to me and me speeding up to piss him off. We both got tickets for “racing” and they claimed we were swerving through lanes and driving recklessly. What I want to know is what can happen to me in court and what can I do about it? Any help will be highly appreciated. I have not had any driving violations in my past and have had my license for almost 2 years.

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Answer by tnfarmgirl
1st don’t ever ever do this again-
you can get killed like this
Here in my town- 2 men have been convicted of 2nd degree murder for drag racing on a public rd and running into the back of a car stopped at a redlight. The boy that hit the car stopped at the redlight was obviously guilty he was going in excess of 100 mph and driving recklessly.
With his thoughtless act he killed a 17 year old girl and scarred another over 3/4 of her body with 3rd degreee burns.
The man he was racing stopped his car a block down the road and he never apologized not even once for being a dumbass that killed someone. Racing belongs on a racetrack and no where else ever.
Sorry for the soap box-

When you are behind that steering wheel- you are not the only person you are putting in danger- but also those around you.

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