What are some fun races in orange county?

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Question by yeahboyyy: What are some fun races in orange county?
races like:
mud run
color run

are there any other fun races to do in orange county, ca?

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Answer by Neverblink
I don’t know much about OC as I am a native of Riverside County but in Corona theres all types of unique races that take places. There’s a mud run in Corona in March (i believe) then theres the ever so awesome Chet Nicholson Norco Relays. Norco relays are my personal favorite as a runner because they have some really cool/odd events. Such as 110 hurdle relays, 8x100m relays and more. Also they let people of any age come as long as you pay your dues.

If you’re looking specfically for OC though, just do a simple google search of “orange county mud run”

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