Where would I be able to find a list of theme songs for wrestling ppvs?

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Question by married_2_redneck: Where would I be able to find a list of theme songs for wrestling ppvs?
I’m looking for a list of the songs from wrestling (wwe) ppvs dating back to 2002. I would prefer to have samples of them if possible.

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Answer by dS
Chad Austin
“Whatta Man” (Salt-N-Pepa)
Stone Cold Steve Austin
“Jesus Christ Superstar” (Andrew Lloyd Webber), “Glass Shatters” (Disturbed)
Mike Awesome
“Welcome to the Jungle” (Guns N’ Roses), “The Zoo” (Bruce Dickinson), “Awesome Bomb” (Harry Slash & The Slashtones), “Phantom Lord” (Metallica)[1]

Bad Crew
“Bad to the Bone” (George Thorogood)
“I Walk Alone” (Saliva)
Chris Benoit
“Back in the Saddle” (Aerosmith), “Whatever” (Our Lady Peace)
Bam Bam Bigelow
“Welcome to the Jungle” (Guns N’ Roses),[1]
Big Show
“Big” (Mack 10, K Mac and Boo Kapone), “Crank It Up” (Brand New Sin)
Big Titan
“Skin o’ My Teeth” (Megadeth)
The Blue Meanie
“What Would You Do?” (Tha Dogg Pound), “YMCA” (Village People)
Blue World Order
“Rock ‘N’ Roll All Night” (KISS)
Broad Street Bully
“Rock and Roll Part 2″ (Gary Glitter)
The Bruise Brothers
“War Pigs” (Black Sabbath)

Cactus Jack
“Born to Be Wild” (Steppenwolf)
Tommy Cairo
“We Will Rock You” (Queen)
Chris Candido
“Back in Black” (AC/DC)
John Cena
“Basic Thugonomics” (John Cena), “My Time Is Now” (John Cena and Tha Trademarc)
Chris Chetti
“Livin’ La Vida Loca” (Ricky Martin), “Superbeast” (Rob Zombie)
Christian Cage
“Just Close Your Eyes” (Waterproof Blonde)
Jonathan Coachman
“Hard Hittin'” (Homebwoi)
Steve Corino
“Come with Me” (Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page)
Justin Credible
“Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” (Prong), “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” (Grinspoon)[1]

D-Generation X
“Break It Down” (The Chris Warren Band), “The Kings” (Run DMC)
Simon Diamond
“Simon Says” (Drain STH)
Dirtbike Kid
“More Human Than Human” (White Zombie)
Danny Doring
“Super Bon Bon” (Soul Coughing)
Shane Douglas
“Are You Gonna Go My Way (song)” (Lenny Kravitz), “Perfect Strangers” (Deep Purple)
Tommy Dreamer
“Even Flow” (Pearl Jam), “Man in the Box” (Alice in Chains)
The Dudley Boyz
“Highway to Hell” (AC/DC), “Turn the Tables” (Saliva)
Spike Dudley
“Highway to Hell” (AC/DC)

“This Is Extreme!” (Harry Slash & The Slashtones)[1]
“Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)” (Rob Zombie) “Metalingus (Alter Bridge)”
The Eliminators
“No Remorse” (Metallica), “Real Solution #9″ (White Zombie)
“Line in the Sand” (Motörhead)

“Paradise City” (Guns N’ Roses)
The Full Blooded Italians
“Stayin’ Alive” (N-Trance)
Terry Funk
“Fanfare for the Common Man” (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), “Desperado” (The Eagles)
Doug Furnas
“Welcome to the Jungle” (Guns N’ Roses)

Lilian Garcia
“You Just Don’t Know Me At All” (Lilian Garcia)
The Godfather
“Pimpin Ain’t Easy” (Ice T)
Terry Gordy
“Free Bird” (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Sal E. Graziano
“Rico Suave” (Gerardo)
Juventud Guerrera
“Wherever I May Roam” (Metallica)
Eddie Guerrero
“Animal” (Pearl Jam), “Live and Let Die” (Guns N’ Roses)
Little Guido
“Fly Me to the Moon” (Frank Sinatra), “That’s Amore” (Dean Martin)

Matt Hardy
“Live for the Moment” (Monster Magnet)
Mark Henry
“Some Bodies Gonna Get It” (Three 6 Mafia)
Ulf Herman
“Big, Bad, Dangerous To Know” (Metal Men)
Hulk Hogan
“Real American” (Rick Derringer), “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” (Jimi Hendrix)
Mr. Hughes
“Ruff Neck” (MC Lyte)

Marty Jannetty
“Living After Midnight” (Judas Priest)
“Whatta Man” (Salt-N-Pepa)
“Money, Power & Respect” (The L.O.X., with Lil’ Kim and DMX)
Chris Jericho
“The Walls of Jericho”, “Electric Head, Part 2 (The Ecstacy)” (White Zombie), “King of My World” (Saliva), “Don’t You Wish You Were Me?” (Chris Jericho)

“Slow Chemical” (Finger Eleven)
Stacy Keibler
“Legs” (Kid Rock)
Kid Kash
“Bawitdaba” (Kid Rock)
Gail Kim
“International Woman” (Dara Shindler)

Paul Lauria
“Whatta Man” (Salt-N-Pepa)
Brian Lee
“Train” (Blackfoot)
“LoveFuryPassionEnergy” (Boy Hits Car)
Jerry Lynn
“Scapegoat” (Fear Factory), “Trust (instrumental version)” Megadeth[1]

Balls Mahoney
“Big Balls” (AC/DC / Muscadine)[1]
Dean Malenko
“Whatta Man” (Salt-N-Pepa)
Tony Mamaluke
“Stayin’ Alive” (Bee Gees), “Stayin’ Alive” (Remix) (N-Trance)
Shane McMahon
“Here Comes the Money” (Naughty by Nature)
Stephanie McMahon
“All Grown Up” (Jacki-O)
EZ Money
“Down on Me” (Jackyl)
Hack Myers
“Emhaeevil, or ‘Am I Evil'” (Widowmaker)
Rey Mysterio
“Sad But True” (Metallica), “Booyaka 619″ (Rey Mysterio and Mad One), “Booyaka 619″ (P.O.D.)

New Jack
“Natural Born Killaz” (Dr. Dre and Ice Cube)
“Intergalactic” (The Beastie Boys)

The Oddities
“Oddities” (Insane Clown Posse)
Randy Orton
“Line in the Sand” (Motörhead), “Burn in My Light” (Mercy Drive)

Brian Pillman
“Welcome to the Jungle” (Guns N’ Roses)
The Pitbulls
“Thunder Kiss ’65” (White Zombie)
Montel Vontavious Porter
“Im Comin'” (Silkk The Shocker)
“Battery” (Metallica), “Cherub Rock” (The Smashing Pumpkins)
Public Enemy
“Here Comes the Hotstepper” (Ini Kamoze), “Slam” (Onyx)
Val Puccio
“Who Made Who” (AC/DC)
El Puerto Ricano
“Gel” (Collective Soul), “Immigrant Song” (Led Zeppelin), “Wild Thing” (The Troggs)
C.M. Punk
“Miseria Cantare” (A.F.I), “This Fire Burns” (Killswitch Engage),

“Come Out and Play” (The Offspring), “End of Everything” (Stereomud)
“Debonaire” (Dope)
Stevie Richards
“Nitro” (The Offspring), “Ride of the Valkyries” (Richard Wagner)
“Super Bon Bon” (Soul Coughing)
Road Warriors
“Iron Man” (Black Sabbath)
Rocco Rock
“This Is How We Do It” (Montell Jordan)
Rockin’ Rebel
“Whatta Man” (Salt-N-Pepa)
Axl Rotten
“Kick Out the Jams” (Monster Magnet),[1] “The Beautiful People” (Marilyn Manson), “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” (Beastie Boys)
Ian Rotten
“Bring the Noise” (Public Enemy)

“Huka Blues” (Harry Slash & The Slashtones)[1]
Samoan Gangsta Party
“Pump Pump (Instrumental)” (Snoop Dogg)
The Sandman
“Big Shot” (Billy Joel), “The Bitch is Back” (Elton John), “Surfin’ USA” (The Beach Boys), “Enter Sandman” (Metallica),[1]
2 Cold Scorpio
“Whoomp! (There It Is)” (Tag Team), “Jungle Boogie” (Kool & The Gang)
J.T. Smith
“Fly Me to the Moon” (Frank Sinatra), “Gonna Fly Now” (Bill Conti)
Al Snow
“Breathe” (The Prodigy), “Purple Haze” (Jimi Hendrix), “Rock and Roll Part 2″ (Gary Glitter)
Louie Spicolli
“Louie, Louie” (John Belushi)
Jungle Jim Steele
“Welcome to the Jungle” (Guns N’ Roses)
The Steiner Brothers
“Welcome to the Jungle” (Guns N’ Roses)
Devon Storm
“Terrible Lie” (Nine Inch Nails)
Lance Storm
“El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama (Wine, Women, and Song Mix)” (White Zombie)[1]
Trish Stratus
“Time To Rock & Roll” (Lil’ Kim)
Kevin Sullivan
“Black Sabbath” (Black Sabbath)
Super Crazy
“Roadhouse Blues” (The Doors)
Super Nova
“Flashdance” (Irene Cara), “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” (Pat Benatar), “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” (Wham!)

“Keep It in the Family” (Anthrax), “War Machine” (KISS), “Just Another Victim” (Cypress Hill)
Triple H
“My Time” (The Chris Warren Band,) “The Game” (Drowning Pool) “The Game” (Motörhead), “King of Kings” (Motörhead)

The Undertaker
“Rollin'” (Limp Bizkit), “American Badass'” (Kid Rock)

Luna Vachon
“Are You Gonna Go My Way?” (Lenny Kravitz)
Rob Van Dam
“Walk” (Pantera / Kilgore),[1] “One of a Kind” (Breaking Point), “Fury Of The Storm” (Shadows Fall)

Mikey Whipwreck
“Loser” (Beck), “Pepper” (Butthole Surfers) “Bombtrack” (Rage Against the Machine)
Torrie Wilson
“Need a Little Time” (Lilian Garcia), “A Girl Like That” (Eleventh Hour)
“The Bitch Is Back” (Elton John), “Her Strut” (Bob Seger)

Television shows and pay-per-views

Armageddon 2000
“Sweet Home Alabama” (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Backlash 2002
“Young Grow Old” (Creed)
Backlash 2003
“Remedy” (Cold)
Backlash 2004
“Eyes Wired Shut” (Edgewater)
Backlash 2005
“Stronger” (Trust Company)
Backlash 2006
“Baby Hates Me” (Danko Jones)
Bad Blood 2003
“Headstrong” (Trapt)
Bad Blood 2004
“Sold Me” (Seether)

Cyber Sunday 2006
“Game On” (Disciple)

ECW One Night Stand 2005
“Bodies” (Drowning Pool)
ECW One Night Stand 2006
“Bodies” (Drowning Pool)

Great American Bash 2005
“Pay the Price” (Eric & The Hostiles)
Great American Bash 2006
“Lonely Train” (Black Stone Cherry)

“Fight Song” (Marilyn Manson)

Judgment Day 2002
“Broken” (12 Stones)
Judgment Day 2006
“This Fire Burns” (Killswitch Engage)

King of the Ring 2002
“Ride of Your Life” (Neurotica)

New Year’s Revolution 2006
“Stricken” (Disturbed)
New Year’s Revolution 2007
“Race Against Time” (James Johnston)
No Mercy 2001
“Click Click Boom” (Saliva)
No Mercy 2003
“Today Is The Day” (Dope)
No Mercy 2005
“Save Me” (Shinedown)
No Mercy 2006
“Weight Of The World” (Evanescence)
No Way Out 2002
“Feel So Numb” (Rob Zombie)
No Way Out 2003
“Bring Me to Life” (Evanescence)
No Way Out 2004
“Crossing Borders” (Rey Mysterio)
No Way Out 2005
“Enemy” (Fozzy)
No Way Out 2006
“Deadly Game” (Theory of a Deadman)
No Way Out 2007
“Powertrip” (Monster Magnet)

Royal Rumble 2002
“Cocky” (Kid Rock)
Royal Rumble 2003
“Falling Apart” (Trust Company)
Royal Rumble 2004
“Nothing Left To Lose” (Puddle of Mudd)
Royal Rumble 2005
“Find The Real” (Alter Bridge)
Royal Rumble 2007
“Drones” (Rise Against)

SummerSlam 1998
“Highway to Hell” (AC/DC)
SummerSlam 2001
“Bodies” (Drowning Pool)
SummerSlam 2003
“St. Anger” (Metallica)
SummerSlam 2004
“Summertime Blues” (Rush)
SummerSlam 2005
“Remedy” (Seether), “Get It Poppin'” (Fat Joe feat. Nelly)
SummerSlam 2006
“The Enemy” (Godsmack), “Cobrastyle” (Teddybears STHLM)
Survivor Series 2001
“Control” (Puddle of Mudd)
Survivor Series 2002
“Always” (Saliva)
Survivor Series 2003
“Build a Bridge” (Limp Bizkit)
Survivor Series 2004
“Ugly” (The Exies)
Survivor Series 2005
“Lights Out” (P.O.D.)
Survivor Series 2006
“Are You Ready?” (Hazen Street)

Taboo Tuesday 2004
“Taboo Tusday” (Jim Johnston)
Taboo Tuesday 2005
“Twisted Transistor” (KoRn)

Unforgiven 2002
“Adrenaline” (Gavin Rossdale)
Unforgiven 2003
“Enemy” (Sevendust)
Unforgiven 2004
“Survival of the Sickest” (Saliva)
Unforgiven 2005
“Calling” (Taproot)
Unforgiven 2006
“Run” (Day of Fire)

Vengeance 2001
“Sinner” (Drowning Pool)
Vengeance 2002
“Downfall” (Trust Company)
Vengeance 2003
“Price To Play” (Staind)
Vengeance 2005
“Happy?” (Mudvayne)
Vengeance 2006
“Victim” (Eighteen Visions)

WrestleMania X-Seven
“My Way” (Limp Bizkit)
WrestleMania X8
“Superstar” (Saliva), “Tear Away” (Drowning Pool)
WrestleMania XIX
“Crack Addict” (Limp Bizkit)
WrestleMania XX
“Step Up” (Drowning Pool), “Touche” (Godsmack)
WrestleMania 21
“Bigtime” (The Soundtrack of Our Lives), “Behind Those Eyes” (3 Doors Down)
WrestleMania 22
“Big Time” (Peter Gabriel), “I Dare You” (Shinedown)
WrestleMania 23
“Ladies and Gentlemen” (Saliva)

Video packages

WWE Desire Videos
Kurt Angle
“Clocks” (Coldplay)
Chris Benoit
“One Thing” (Finger Eleven)
Mick Foley
“So Far Away” (Staind)
Jeff Hardy
“Not Enough” (Our Lady Peace)
Matt Hardy
“Live For The Moment” (Monster Magnet)
Chris Jericho
“King Of My World” (Saliva)
The Rock
“Alive” (P.O.D.)
Triple H
“Beautiful Day” (U2)
The Undertaker
“Adrenaline” (Gavin Rossdale), “My Sacrifice” (Creed)
WWF Desire
“My Sacrifice” (Creed), “Weathered” (Creed)
WWF History
“Lonely Road Of Faith” (Kid Rock)

Eddie Guerrero
“Here Without You (Acoustic version)” (3 Doors Down)[2]

In-house composers

The following are composers known for composing numerous in-house theme songs for particular wrestling promotions:
Jimmy Hart (composed music for the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling)
Jim Johnston (composed music for World Wrestling Entertainment)
Dale Oliver (composed music for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling)
Harry Slash (composed music for Extreme Championship Wrestling)

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