Cool Running Races images

Published in Uncategorized on 17th March 2013

Some cool Running Races images:

Train for running races

Image by Phil and Pam
Pam and I had a bit of a brainstorming session last night. Well, a brain emptying session. We started writing down the things we want to do this year. We both want to actually train for some trail running races we’re doing in September and November.

Hand held 1/50sec, f1.4, ISO 800, manual focus, with the last of the evening light coming through the window. Depth of field sure is narrow at f1.4.

Running — races — Dougie Nisbet — Simonside Cairns — Mon 14 Dec 2009 08-36-23 AM GMT.jpg

Image by djnisbet

Dougie Nisbet — Running — races — Stockton-on-Tees — River Rat Race – 2010 — Sun 29 Aug 2010 01-54-11 PM BST-1 (Modified)

Image by djnisbet

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