Q&A: 1000cc MotoGP question.?

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Question by proc: 1000cc MotoGP question.?
thinking about the rule changes for 2012 “intended rule changes”
comparing the 800s against the 1000cc engine. have I got this right

the diameter is limited to 81mm in both bikes ?
then its only the length of stroke or number of cylinders that’s different ?

don’t the short stroke engines rev quicker ?
wont the fuel limit shorten the stroke too ?

so is it really possible to make a competitive 1000cc in a race designed around the 800 ?
considering you cant have a bigger bore, the 800s are already on the fuel limit and you going to be adding weight ?

have I got the wrong end of the stick again ?
I understand the extra power working, and the tyre saving (?) But can the extra power be created ?

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Answer by wiggysan
6 Questions there my good man !

1) Both bikes , Yes I think so.

2) Yes length of bore and that ” motoGP ” can change amount of pistons if the the pesky 1000cc’s are winning ( exspect to see 12 cyld )

3)Short stroke will rev quicker ….. yes except…..

4) if the ECU tells the fuels not to rev ( IE slow corner exit speed due to down revving

5) NO. The 1000’s will never win a fair fight. Hence the NSV500R Never beat the NSR500V [ 2 cyd vs 4 cyd]

6) the fuel limit of TODAY. Who know what will happen if the “supers” read Proddie engine.

Good work Sir!

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