Q&A: Is the Insanity workout considered cross-training?

Published in Uncategorized on 27th May 2013

Question by gina: Is the Insanity workout considered cross-training?
I am training to run a 10K, so I run nearly everyday, but I read somewhere that it’s better for runners to cross-train while training for a race because it works your different muscles, improves balance, etc. From my understanding cross-training just means doing different types of exercises instead of JUST running. I’m not one-hundred percent sure on that one?

Anyway, I’ve also been doing the Insanity workout schedule for the past couple weeks. And occasionally, I do yoga to help stretch my muscles and improve my flexibility. Do you think that is sufficient enough to consider “cross-training”?

Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by Josue
Insanity workouts are definitely cross-training by itself

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