Nice 10k Training Plan photos

Published in Uncategorized on 24th June 2013

Some cool 10k Training Plan images:


Image by angel
This is my 5k/10k training plan, shown in minutes of running per week. The pink is the 5k, the green is the week that includes the 5k race and is also the first week of the training plan for the 10k race. Week 15 includes the minutes of the 10k race itself (it happens at the end of that week).

What’s weird to me here is the big spike in training minutes in week 14. From everything I understand, week 13 should be my big one and I should be tapered way down in week 14. I’ve checked the plan carefully and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

So I’m wondering if I should switch those weeks around or if I should go with what the "experts" (that is, the training plans I found on the internets) say.

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