Q&A: What’s a good website or internet world for wriiters?

Published in Uncategorized on 28th July 2013

Question by ddguitarqueen: What’s a good website or internet world for wriiters?
I am very interested in all espects of writing. I know of different websites and worlds like “runners world” where you can communicate with other runners and share stories and subscribe to the website. You can get tips too. Is there any website like that but for writers?? You know with tips and stuff.
P.S. Has anyone heard of Runners World? If anyone out there is a runner it’s a great site and really cool!!!

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Answer by jlosborn
If you go to About.com they have different areas of expertise i know for fact writing, fiction writing it’s all there. Else wise maybe one of the social sites like myspace, facebook etc and join the clubs they have by searching for writers. Hope this helps..

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