The Race (An Isaac Bell Adventure)

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The Race (An Isaac Bell Adventure)

On the ocean liner Mauretania, two European scientists with a groundbreaking new invention are rescued from abduction by the Van Dorn Detective Agency’s intrepid chief investigator, Isaac Bell. Unfortunately, they are not so lucky when the thugs attack a second time—and one of the scientists dies. What are the scientists holding that is so precious? Only something that will revolutionize business and world culture—and perhaps something more.

For war clouds are looming, and a ruthless

List Price: $ 9.99


Little Tikes Big Adventures Raceway

  • Classic ramp and vehicle play
  • Includes 3 levels of racing
  • Included stunt racers flip as they fall to the next level
  • Pull the launch lever to launch cars
  • Christmas tree lights change from red to green to lever is lifted

The Little Tikes Big Adventures Raceway Playset introduces youngsters ages two years and up to the world of toy race tracks. This playset features three levels of racing ramps and two stunt racing cars that are easy for little hands to hold. Simply line the cars up at the start position, pull the launch lever to release, and watch as the cars roll and flip their way to the finish line. For convenience, a pit row doubles as storage and a molded-in handle allows easy transport.Three levels of raci

List Price: $ 24.99


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