Q&A: What small animal meat is available for consumption?

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Question by Austin: What small animal meat is available for consumption?
In the game “The Last of Us” we see some humans have adapted to eating rat meat as there are many rats inside the camps. In real life, Guinea Pigs and rabbits are eaten in many places. My question is, is there any small animal you can buy legally in the United States for the sole purpose of breeding and eating? Animals I would be asking about in particular are rabbits, squirrels, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, etc. Just really any small animal. Also, would you know if one purchase insects (which are high in protein, low in fat) for the same reasons? Please leave links if you can and have a nice day.

BTW, I am not that would eat those animals. I am just asking because the game interested me.

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Answer by Rebecca
You can breed rabbits. Eating mealworms I think is considered ‘acceptable’.

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