Can anyone help me with WWE theme songs?

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Question by Desperate for Answers: Can anyone help me with WWE theme songs?
I need to find a list of PPV theme songs. I also need to know what superstars have some good high energy theme songs. I would also appreciate it if someone could let me know of any Smackdown theme songs between Beautiful People and Rise Up. I’m making a CD, and I only have 7 songs. Please help.
I’m not delusional. It’s kind of an inside joke in my group of friends. Basically, it just means I’m a big fan.
The songs I already have are
Three Days Grace – Pain (Not WWE I don’t think, but I have it)
Drowning Pool – Rise Up
Union Underground – Across the Nation
Matt Hardy’s solo theme
Saliva – Ladies and Gentlemen
Papa Roach – She Loves Me Not (Not WWE, but I have it)
Papa Roach – …To Be Loved
Additions to songs I have
DX Theme
Batista Theme
Rey Mysterio Theme (619)
Rey Mesterio Theme (Booyaka 619)
Shawn Michaels Theme
Road Dogg (OH! You Didn’t Know?!)

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Answer by Tox
Go to and just look up any WWE Pay-Per-View and they have the theme song used (if any) for each year listed. Some good “high-energy” theme songs that I like are D-Generation X’s, Shelton Benjamin’s and Kurt Angle’s theme off of the WWE Anthology “The Attitude Era” CD. CM Punk’s is also good. I’m not sure what you want from the SmackDown themes…those are the only two that I know of that the brand has used.

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