Is training for a 5k like getting in shape for soccer?

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Question by someone: Is training for a 5k like getting in shape for soccer?
So im a sophomore and I have soccer tryouts in about 2 months. I heard that high school soccer players run about 2-3 miles per game, and a 5k is about 3 miles right? Theres way more “5k training plans” than “soccer training plans” online so could i just use a 5k plan with some strength training? and minus the sprinting for speed training? thanks in advance.

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Answer by Jedi Sentinel
First, if you are in shape at all to play sports you should be able to run a 5k at any moment. There is not training for that since it is a easy run. You should for soccer concentrate on longer runs for your sport like 10k. You don’t want to train for the exact amount of running you could do and be useless at the end of the game. You should be able to do double and stay at 100% the whole game. Sprints will be the best thing for you though, and defiantly most important. You should do a lot of HIIT with sprints.

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