What is the best 10k time I could achieve?

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Question by : What is the best 10k time I could achieve?
Hey I started taking up running for fun last year, and trained pretty hard, 4 times per week for my first 10k in Manchester. I ran 46.34. I enjoyed it so much I decided to run it again this year….I trained really hard and got 44.28.
I’ve started taking running really seriously and have changed my diet and training. Im trying to run 3-4 10ks per year from now on.
Im hoping for sub 42 by end of next year, and sub 40 hopefully the year after that.
Is that possible – how good do you have to be to run sub 42? Is this a realistic goal for me?

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Answer by Yooost
First of all congrats on your 10k times! Those are great for your first couple races, way better than average. Yes I definitely think your goals are achievable, you just need to make sure you have a good training plan with some speed work and a long run every week. Just keep putting work into it and you’ll reap the rewards. A sub 42 shouldn’t be that hard to achieve by the end of next year, heck I think you can break that easily and do way better.

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