Q&A: how long will it take to get really good for cross country?

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Question by <3333: how long will it take to get really good for cross country?
ok, so i have 2 mothes to prepare until school starts, and cross country starts the first day.
my school is division 1, and we are really good.
i want to be on the cross country team and make varsity.. but how long will it take to be a good varsity player if i practice? im not a good runner at all, and have no stamina or speed.
any help would be appreciated =)
oh btw, im short and have little legs.. haha does that matter?
bc everybody in the team is like tall, and very thin, and very athletic.

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Answer by diamondeyesxx3
i run trackk and i am on the distance team. the work outs are pretty similiar to the cross country team. anyway just go out for a jog everyday, start off slow and not too long and gradually build up, eat healthy and get in good shape. but yea theres a really good runner on my team and shes super short and has short legs. short legs means you take smaller but quicker steps and long legs means you take longer and slower strides.

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